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Family Values

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The Family Difference

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  1. The Ultra Care System

    1. "Ultra" Pad -- Care for your Home Furniture

      1. Crews use Floor Protectors
      2. Padding of Handrails & Doors
      3. All furniture padded before moved & stays padded
    2. "Ultra" Pack -- Care for your boxed items

      1. Professionally trained packers
      2. No Charge on any cartons packed & unpacked by our crews (local moves)
  2. Time Track System

    1. We use a "Time Track: system to ensure accurate estimates with no surprises
    2. Follow-up on all moves
  3. Training

    1. Professionally trained -- Full Time Crews
    2. Crew training twice a week
    3. Fully uniformed crews
    4. Drug testing of all employees
  4. Experience

    1. Reputable -- over 35 years in Business
    2. American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) & Washington Trucking Association (WTA) member
    3. Relocation Specialists -- Licensed -- Bonded -- Insured